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Winter time snook fishing in the Everglades

Right now we are in the middle of our winter. Some years it's shorter or warmer than others but it seems like our El Ninõ pattern is proving the weather man right. Which was a colder and wetter winter for Florida. Our water temps are in the mid 60's and the fish are reflecting this in where we are finding them. Snook in particular are very temperature sensitive and they will do everything they can to find water that is just a degree or two warmer. In fact i use my GPS more as a thermometer than a navigational tool this time of year. The good news is that many of the large female snook that tend to stay in deeper water the rest of the year will swim up onto the flats trying to find warm mud banks to sun their backs on. If you want to chase a large snook on fly or artificial lure, this is the time of year to do it. We are getting lots of shots on these fish right now and with a proper fly placement on the cast they will inhale the fly. Big snook are no easy task but it is a lifetime achievement for many anglers. In fact a snook over 35 inches some argue are harder to catch on fly than a permit! With that said every winter i have anglers on the boat that want nothing more than to chase these fish. This week we have been seeing a lot of the larger fish, fed a few, we broke off a couple, and landed a nice 30'' snook.

Fly fishing for snook in the everglades
Fly fishing for snook

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