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Fly Fishing for Redfish: A winters note in Southwest Florida

Updated: Jan 5

Well fall came and went much faster than expected. Now the days are short and the water temps have dropped considerably. This week we have noted water temps in the low 60's. It's a typical water temperature we see in the winter here in Southwest Florida, but the good thing is redfish don't mind cold water. Some days have been better than others, but i find that some of the coldest days get the fish fired up the most. It slows down our tarpon and snook fishing, but this winter we have had a nice population of redfish both in the everglades and to the north. It's a much different story than last winter where the redfish numbers were down from the hurricane, just a few months prior.

Here is a nice 32'' redfish that i got to pull on myself. The tide was just too good and i didn't have a booking for the day. So i went out and caught an hand full of fish on my 7 wt.

Big redfish on fly!
Fly fishing Naples

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