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Fall Fishing is in sight after a hot summer!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Well guys and gals September is finally here. Living in Southwest florida is a wonderful place but this summer was particularly warm. Actually, really warm. However, the days are now getting shorter and we are starting to see a cooling trend. The great thing about a change in weather is the fish notice this as well. August and September are one of my favorite months to target the grand slam on a fly rod. Resident tarpon are still around, redfishing picks up, and the snook start migrating into the backwaters after a summer of spawning off the beaches. Last year we had a really nice push of redfish coming through in schools, and i'm expecting to see them very soon. Another great thing about this time of year is the lack of other people on the water. School is starting in most states and our seasonal residents are still avoiding the warm temps. Unlike our spring months, we typically only see a few boats out on a full day charter.

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