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Where we fish!

Capt. Dave has over a decade of experience fishing majority of the waters surrounding Southwest Florida. Depending on recent weather and tide trends, we will put together a customized location and day on the water that provides the greatest opportunity for success. 


Fort Myers Fly Fishing 

Fort Myers is home to the waters of Pine island sound, Matlacha, and Estero Bay. The nutrient rich waters provide great sight fishing opportunities in clear water over lush turtle grass and mangrove shorelines.

Naples Fly Fishing

Just a short drive from Naples is Everglades National Park. The vast maze of mangrove island, creeks, and bays make it a great habitat that is ideal for fly fishing and plug fishing for Tarpon, Snook, and Redfish. While the water tends to be murkey and dark compared to the clear water just north of Naples, the fish are typically less pressured and willing to eat a fly. 

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