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Before you Book

*$100 deposit required to hold a date. Upon checkout you will only be charged the deposit for the day. Full refund of deposit will be issued if trip cancelled outside of 72 hrs in advance. Trips

can be cancelled at discretion of capt. and full refund will be issued.

**Please contact Capt. Dave before selecting a date to fish. Often times there are preferred locations to launch from based off recent fishing conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to bring on the Charter?

- Hat and polarized sunglasses

- Any Food or beverages besides water(provided by Capt.)

- sunscreen and SPF protective clothing

How many people can I bring?

Two people. The boat is USCG limited to 3 people total including the Capt.

What kind of boat do you have?

Currently the Capt. is running a top of the line carbon fiber Maverick HPX-S. Extremely light and floats in water so shallow we can see redfish crawling with their heads and backs out of the water. Perfect for those winter time negative tides. 

Do I need a fishing license?

Nope! This is included with the charter. 

How can I prepare for my trip?

If you are looking to do a Fly charter, This can't be stressed enough! Practice your double haul! While we can help instruct you on this technique and make you a better fly angler, it is often hard to be learning this cast and fly fishing effectively at the same time on a charter. Capt. Dave is very patient with beginners(no yelling from the back!) but it is important to understand your limitations. The video below is a great tutorial on how the double haul works.

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